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21 května 2021

Boels machines and equipment are used in a wide range of projects. We are visiting a number of special ones as part of the ‘5 questions for’ series. This time, it’s the turn of Philo Verplanke …

Tell me, where are we?
“We are in Apeldoorn (NL), where a huge solar farm with more than 90,000 solar panels has been built. These panels have a combined power of 25 MW and are able to supply power to a total of 6,500 every year. To ensure the project was delivered on time, Boels offered the client a total package of products, ranging from generators to units and from telescopic handlers to tracked loaders.”

What makes this project unique?
“Solar farms have grown dramatically in popularity in recent years, whether on large open fields or on the roofs of buildings. What makes this project unique is the decision to install solar panels spread over a number of fields, rather than creating just one big solar farm. The idea behind this set-up was to conserve and protect nature. So, the 90,000 solar panels were divided over eight smaller farms and covered a total surface area of 28 hectares.

That sounds like a great solution! How did the project go?
“It was a challenge to install the solar panels sometimes, with the weather and nature both working against us. The project involved a big area of land and the site was very muddy and marshy. Because of this, the client used telescopic handlers to transport the solar panels across the marshy ground. To make sure machines were able to cross the marshy ground problem-free, we chose to use a large number of tracked loaders”.

Exactly which machines and equipment did the client need?
“Besides tracked machines, Boels supplied a number of other machines, including telescopic handlers and site carriers. We also provided all of the construction site equipment required. For example, generators, units and fencing.”

How well did Boels and the client work together?
Boels was responsible for project management. This involved monthly meetings with the client to discuss the progress being made with the project and also whether or not any extra equipment was needed. At one of these meetings last year, we made the joint decision to add a number of extra units, so that employees would be able to comply with all of the various coronavirus guidelines.

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