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28 May 2021

The corona rules are easing again. As a result, there are more people on the road and locations are getting busier. To see, at a glance, how busy it is IQ-Pass offers the Smart Visitor Counter. Regulating and keeping track of the number of visitors and employees in stores, catering establishments or indoor or outdoor events becomes very simple.

By cooperating with the partner 3Shades Nohisto, IQ-Pass offers a solution with our Smart Visitor Counter for regulation and tracking the number of visitors and employees in your store, catering facility or event inside or outside.

Smart Visitor Counter
With the deployment of the Smart Visitor Counter, customers have a clear overview of the information such as the occupancy rate of a particular location, room or area. The Smart Visitor Counter can also be divided into various zones on a site or building. This can then be supported by access control. Think of control gates or barriers. This allows the available space to be used optimally without compromising security. 

The information from the Smart Visitor Counter can be displayed on multiple TV screens. In this way the information is visible everywhere. It can also serve as a communication tool for your visitors.

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For direct customized advice call +31(0)346 800 100 or mail to info@iq-pass.com. Discover all IQ Pass access control solutions at www.iq-pass.com.

About IQ Pass
IQ Pass covers the entire field of access control management. From turnstiles to barriers, from automated access control to attendance registration. Always delivered and installed within 24 hours. The company has clients in industry, construction, the maritime sector, offshore and offices and data centers. Since 2017 IQ Pass is part of Boels Rental.

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