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Steel-cable block-and-tackles, hydraulic, Tirfor

Steel-cable block-and-tackles, hydraulic, Tirfor

For heavier work, try one of our hydraulic Tirfor steel-cable block-and-tackles. They are easy to install and operate, so you can employ them effortlessly in a variety of situations. Two pulley sets can be connected to the generator.


  • [16361] available with different steel cable lengths up to 100 m
  • Fitted with control block for operating a maximum of 2 tackles
  • [16362,16363,16376,16377] Connection voltage: 400 V - 3 ph - 50/60 Hz.
  • [16362,16363,16376,16377] Hoisting speed (x2) TU 16 - 16H: 1.5 m/min.
  • [16362,16363,16376,16377] Hoisting speed (x2) TU 32 - 16H: 0.35 m/min.
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Description From price
Generator, Tirfor, hydraulic
Code 16361
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Kč 4.356 including 21% VAT
per day
Type 2 - way
Weight (kg) 62
Steel-cable block-and-tackle, hydraulic, Tirfor, 1,600 kg
Code 16362
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Kč 1.476 including 21% VAT
per day
Capacity (kg) 1.600
Type TU - 16H
Ø steel wire (mm) 11,5
Weight (kg) 29
Steel-cable block-and-tackle, hydraulic, Tirfor, 3,200 kg
Code 16363
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Kč 1.476 including 21% VAT
per day
Capacity (kg) 3.200
Type TU - 32H
Ø steel wire (mm) 16
Weight (kg) 52
Unfoldable block, TU 16
Code 16376
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Kč 557 including 21% VAT
per day
Capacity (kg) 3.200
Type TU 16
Unfoldable block, TU 32
Code 16377
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Kč 806 including 21% VAT
per day
Capacity (kg) 6.400
Type TU 32

All prices include 21% VAT and exclude costs for maintenance, fuel, oil, wear and tear, transport, cleaning, accessories and various attachments, any environmental taxes and surcharges for damage waiver and fire/theft schemes.

POR = price on request

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