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24 November 2020

At the beginning of this year, the Dutch company Boels Rental, a leading rental of construction machinery in Europe, took over the Scandinavian company Cramo. Thanks to this merger, Boels became one of the leading rentals in the Czech Republic. Twenty-five of its local branches have already turned orange.

The Cramo Group has a long history dating back to 1953. From 1988 until now, the company has been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. With more than three hundred branches in 12 Central and Northern European countries, it was one of Europe’s leading providers of construction equipment rental services. Cramo is now part of the Boels Group. It is headquartered in Sittard, the Netherlands, and, since 1996, has been run by Pierre Boels who took over the company from his father, the company’s founder.

Cramo and Boels will work together in 17 European countries. With its 750 branches and more than 7,000 employees, Boels rental becomes the number two in the European market. In the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the name “Cramo” and the distinctive red and white logo will be retained, in the remaining countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Poland – the red colour will be replaced by orange and the name Cramo will disappear from the market.

In the Czech Republic, the rebranding of branches already took place and from 1 December 2020, Cramo will officially start operating on the local market under a new name. Throughout the country, 25 Boels branches will be available to customers.

The fact that Boels is becoming one of the largest rentals of machines in the Czech Republic brings even more benefits for customers. With the integration, the fleets of both companies, among other things, were merged as well and their range thus expanded to 650,000 rental items. “Thanks to this merger, we can now provide our customers with even better services. We have a wider range, more branches and more employees. We want our customers to find everything they need,” explains Ladislav Takáč, Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In addition, Boels plans to make further investments in its fleet. “Boels is proud to use the latest industry technology and wants this to be the case in the future as well. In this respect, it’s a perfect match with Cramo, which has always focused on the quality and perfect condition of its machines. We are also very well aware of the importance of innovations, such as digitisation and the development of green, emission-free machines. In addition, rentals are in themselves a “green” solution that fits perfectly into the shared economy of today,” says Ladislav Takáč.

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